5931 Mill Crest Ct
Hamilton, Ohio 45011

Invoice Number INV-0007
Invoice Date April 16, 2022
Total Due $0.00

This quote was generated easily from a plugin I installed today, which will convert to an invoice once accepted. This is free and relatively easy to set up but will still need to rely on your previous payment methods.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Domain transfer and hosting on my shared server, initial setup and year to year after that. I will need admin rights to your GoDaddy account. Website will have a security certificate. You will still need to maintain an annual domain registry with godaddy, but not the hosting.
1 Installation of Wordpress and integrating WooCommerce (shopping cart). This does not have to be used right away but will make things easier for you if you want to take payments online. Theme will be a basic (free) theme.Taking payments online requires a Stripe account, which is the credit card processor and dumps the $ into your account. If you go this route I can help guide you through that process but you will have to set it up.
1 Build up to 4 pages on the new site. I'll need pictures/content for each. My suggestions are to have a landing page with basic overview of Taps2Go. Then maybe a page for each of the trailers? Once we're all set up you can easily go in and add, remove, or change pages.
1 Setup of however many email addresses you need. $0.000.00%$0.00
Sub Total $300.00
Tax $0.00
Paid -$300.00
Total Due $0.00